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Teaching Award Pic Tim Mc Bill M WendyB.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology Award of Excellence

Tenure and Tenure Track Faculty



B.Ed. Courses:

CURS 4000 Core Methods

CURS 4001 Core Methods II

EDUC 4503 Int Sr HPE

EDUC 4504 Int Sr HPE














Teacher as Coach

Child Development

PJ Arts Dance













Masters Courses:

EDUC 5305G

Authentic Assessment















EDUC 5401

Intro to Adult and Higher Education




EDUC 5004

Critical and Reflective Practice






Directed Studies Masters Courses:

Performance Arts Education, Technology and Audience

Digital Portfolios as a Teaching, Learning and Assessment Tool

Development of a Universally Accessible Digital Game for Mobile Devices


 Game-based Learning Tools in Elementary Education: A Review of the Literature

Authentic Assessment in Indigenous Populations: Fair is Fair?


BAEDT courses:

Psych Foundations and Dig Tech




Additional Qualification Courses:

AQ Part One HPE

AQ Part Two HPE

AQ Specialist HPE

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ROLE                                 GRAD STUDENT       PROJECT/THESIS TITLE                                                                       
Supervisor                                            A. Blizzard, M.Ed.              Digital Technology and Audience Response to Live Theatre - Vines of Oppression:  A Review of                                                                                                           the Literature, Educational Criticism and Narrative Analysis of Social Media Research in Public                                                                                                             Education

Supervisor                                            M. Marchione M.A.            Authentic Assessment, Empathy, MetaCognition: New Models for Assessment and Evaluations 

Supervisor                                            K. Marks-Riberdy MEd.     Medical Mathematics - Where did We go Wrong?

Co-Supervisor with R. Kay                 N. Zomer                             Examining the Use of Instructional Technology in Inquiry-Based Early Childhood Education:A                                                                                                              Review of the Literature   
Co-Supervisor with L. Robertson        J. Foster                               Critical Media Literacy in Ontario and British Columbia Curriculum Policy: A Policy Analysis                                                                                                            
Co-Supervisor with L. Robertson        S. Taylor                              Critical Media Literacy in Canadian Provincial Curriculum:A Look at Ontario and Alberta
Co-Supervisor with L. Robertson        T. Joidin                               The Effects of the use of iPads in Secondary Physical Education    
Co-Supervisor with R. vanOostveen   T. Blayone                            Readiness for digital learning: Examining self-reported and observed mobile competencies as                                                                                                                 steps toward more effective learner readiness assessment 

Co-Supervisor with J. Stokes               D. Christopher                     Analysis of the Integration of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in PowerPoint Artifacts in an                                                                                                       Ontario College Trades Course

Co-Supervisor with R. vanOostveen   V. Bell                                  TIFF 2 Examining Affect in Online Communities

Second Reader                                      L. Corrigan                          A Presence of Obligation: Cyberbehaviour, Policy, and Restorative Practices    
Second Reader                                      L. Tsumura                          Educators’ insights on utilizing iPads to meet kindergarten goals   
External Examiner                               N. Hibbs M.HSc.                  Incorporating daily physical activity in kindergarten children with disabilities: effect on activity                                                                                                            engagement and classroom behavior    

External Examiner                               S. Pezhmann .HSc.              Investigating the Effectiveness of a Gymnastics Intervention on Motor Skills and Balance of                                                                                                                    Children ages 5-9 with Autism Spectrum Disorder    
External Examiner                               S. Lucas M.HSc.                  Facilitators and Barriers to Physical Activity Experienced and Perceived by Adults
                                                                                                          with Intellectual Disability   
External Examiner                               S. Hackett M.HSc.               The Impact on Paramedics Learning Mindfulness Practices Online   

External Examiner                                L. Konjarski, Ph.D.             Perspectives of Physical Education student engagement in an experientially based Inclusion and                                                                                                            Diversity Physical Activity unit

Committee Member                             C.Reyes M.HSc.                  Investigating the Effectiveness of Infant-Feeding Education on the Breastfeeding Knowledge an                                                                                                            and Attitude of Adolescent Females    

Committee Member                             J. Holmes                            Virtual Communities of Practice in Simulation-Based Health Care Environments    

Committee Member                             K. Walcer M.HSc.               Using music to motivate movement in children aged 4-6 with Autism Spectrum Disorder    

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